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AT&T Disappoints Again

A friend of mine has a saying: “Some companies are so big they stay in business despite themselves.” My wife and I have the original iPhone and we are thinking about upgrading. I don’t really care anymore if we get … Continue reading

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I came across GNS3Vault by accident and thought I would pass it along. I’ve been doing these labs for fun at lunch or in the afternoon on a slow day and have been enjoying them. I’ve learned some new commands … Continue reading

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Quotes I Enjoy

I wish I knew who to attribute the quotes who have no attribution. If you know the author, please contact me. These are not my own. I will update this occasionally. Associates do a task until they get it right, … Continue reading

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There’s a command for that.

Last week we had in a consultant from one of our electronic medical record (EMR) vendors and we were working on a RedHat cluster. He was asking me to check on something and going about in a round about manner, … Continue reading

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Security by Obscurity

It kills me. One of our Windows administrators went to class and “learned” that you should not give meaningful names to servers on your network because that would make it too easy for some cracker find his or her way … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night Worlds

One of my friends got onto me that my blog was all about work. He wanted to read stories about some of my cycling adventures. Rather than launch into stories about riding across America, I’ll start with some stories from … Continue reading

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Making the Transition

How do you know you have crossed over from a sysadmin to a network admin? When you log on to a Linux server and type “en.” There is a story here. I used to login to a router or switch … Continue reading

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