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Making the Transition

How do you know you have crossed over from a sysadmin to a network admin? When you log on to a Linux server and type “en.” There is a story here. I used to login to a router or switch … Continue reading

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What I Learned Today

One of my coworkers solved a problem today that I should have been able to solve. I got pulled into a project that uses a closed system with it’s own programming language that I had never seen nor programmed. My … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Processes

The best reason to follow a structured approach is the shot in the dark that often happens if you don’t gather enough information or work to nail down the cause of the problem. It results in haphazard guessing with little … Continue reading

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When it’s time to leave.

I came across this post today by way of HackerNews. It explains some of my feelings lately as I chomp at the bit wanting the challenge of a new job. I promised my wife we would not move until we … Continue reading

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Network Maintenance

I am going to admit that I have not been studying for the TSHOOT exam very diligently. In my mind it is a topic that we deal with on a daily basis and what could the book teach me. (sarcasm) … Continue reading

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Layer 2 Switch Troubleshooting

I felt like my last set of notes for the Troubleshooting Toolbox had information that that was hidden in the command output. The output is for myself to play with the commands, however, I don’t want useful information hidden. So … Continue reading

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TSHOOT Demo and Tutorial

2010-03-16 14:29:19 TSHOOT Demo and Tutorial Chris pointed out that the Cisco Learning Network has posted a TSHOOT demo. I just went and played with it. Funny thing is, I wasn’t taking a real test but my pulse and blood … Continue reading

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I have debated about whether or not to post this project. I wanted this to have a sqllite backend and run on the Cisco AXP but never had the time to go back and hack more on it. I think … Continue reading

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The loss of blue collar skillsets

I stopped by the cobbler the other day to have a pair of my shoes resoled. He is getting on in age and we were discussing his retirement so I asked what he was going to do with the shop, … Continue reading

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The other day I ran across a post by Cybergurl that showed her home lab. It got me thinking that every serious Cisco candidate has some sort of lab. Some people use GNS3, some have a home rack and some … Continue reading

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