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Micronics Training with Narbik

I haven’t been posting much about my studies for the CCIE this time around. My studies have been all consuming as I have been trying to get in 30 hours a week on top of my normal work. I may … Continue reading

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Finished 2010

I just finished adding the posts form 2010 with a smattering of other random posts. I am tired of the repetitive nature of adding posts and am going to get in some studying today.

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Jud’s Rules of the Road

Each year, if not each new semester, we get a crop of new cyclists that come out to ride. Some of them are “One Hit Wonders” and some ride with our group for four years. They all learn a lot … Continue reading

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Does Google Hurt Efficiency?

The other night we were doing a hardware upgrade on a cluster and testing. We were working with the command clusvcadm to relocate a service from one host in the cluster to another but the originating server kept getting power … Continue reading

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Military Personnel

I just finished reading an article in the Atlantic concerning military personnel and recruitment titled “Why Our Best Officers Are Leaving.” As a veteran and former officer who enjoyed my time in service I felt the urge to comment publicly. … Continue reading

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I got pulled over.

This story comes from the annals of my cycling adventures. I was in the Air Force from 1995 to 2000 and was stationed at Gunter in Montgomery, AL in the spring of 1997. I rode quite a bit in college … Continue reading

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The Difference between a Professional and a Duffer

By the time I post this story it will be long in the past. I was called in to help another programmer. His code was a semblance of the first set of code. Every time DO X ran with something … Continue reading

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