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IPv6 Troubleshooting

IPV6 Addressing • 128 bit addresses. • Simplified header with fewer fields; IPv4 has 12 fields, IPv6 has 5 fields; • No checksum in the header. This results in more efficient process because in IPv4 the TTL is decremented at … Continue reading

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Integrate McKesson MSE into AD

I use the term hacking in the classic sense, not in the cracker sense. We moved one of our enterprise electronic medical records (EMR) from AIX to Linux over the last few weeks. Go-live was last Thursday night, and I … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Join Active Directory

I wrote similar documentation for work and decided to make it generic enough for others to do this. For all I know there is now some GUI tool that does this, however, I believe it’s best to know what’s going … Continue reading

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Troubleshoot Voice, Video and Multicast

I have had a hard time figuring out how they are going to test us for voice troubleshooting when the only real command they cover is auto qos and and the MQC. As a result I’m going to concentrate on … Continue reading

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There’s a command for that.

Last week we had in a consultant from one of our electronic medical record (EMR) vendors and we were working on a RedHat cluster. He was asking me to check on something and going about in a round about manner, … Continue reading

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TSHOOT Sidenote

I added some more flashcards in the files directory. These all have a file name of tshoot-topic.csv and are for the Flashcards Deluxe iPhone app. If you notice any errors in the cards please shoot an email or make a … Continue reading

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Troubleshoot DHCP

I am not going to get into a long discussion of DHCP. I run the DNS/DHCP servers at work and have a pretty good idea of how it all works. Even though the basics are the same, BIND is a … Continue reading

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