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Hacking rommon

Today I needed to hack a 3620 in order to get a certain image on it and it took awhile for me to find the information I needed. I guess my google-fu was not up to snuff and my coworker … Continue reading

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I recently passed the BSCI test on the CCNP track. I have been meaning to write my observations, so here they are. Where I have the Cisco Document ID I will provide it, otherwise I will just provide the document … Continue reading

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When I first started working on AIX I had come from a BSD background and wanted jot for some scripts I needed to write. This is that script. FreeBSD and Mac OSX have jot in the default install, AIX and … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste My Time

Yesterday I went to a meeting that was a complete waste of time. Let me give you some back story. I had done a project for my CIO a few months back that got him thinking of other ways to … Continue reading

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PDF Printers for Every User

Once again this post will be pretty mundane to the typical enterprise Linux admin. I continue to post these projects because it highlights what can be done free software, plus I have worked out some kinks that others may run … Continue reading

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If you understand the title of this post then you have headed down the road to CCNP. I was actually excited to begin ONT until I got into the book. Each book on the CCNP list is written by a … Continue reading

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DNS Check Zones Script

At the Circus there are a number of people that have access to the DNS servers and not everyone understands the full extent of the damage they can do when they make improper changes to the configuration or zone files.  … Continue reading

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Cisco Contract True-up

On Mondays my colleague and I discuss the big things that need to be done for the week. He was going to work on the network maps and I was going to work on reconciling our network inventory against what … Continue reading

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