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Converting AIX Print Queues to Linux

I spent the last week working on a project to convert all of the forms printing at the Circus from an AIX server to a Linux server. Because the version we are stuck on is not officially supported by the … Continue reading

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SSH Notes

Every time I install a new server I go through the process of setting up SSH keys for easy access. I wrote this documentation a few years ago so that I didn’t have to look it up on the web … Continue reading

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Graphing HTTP response time with MRTG

2010-03-21 11:41:20 Graphing HTTP response time with MRTG If you read my SLA Labbing post ealier you know that we were having trouble graphing Cisco SLA output in MRTG. The problem was the the MIB was not returning information that … Continue reading

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TSHOOT Exam Topology

2010-02-19 15:34:56 TSHOOT Exam Topology One of the Cisco guys has posted the topology for the new TSHOOT exam over at the Cisco Learning Network. Looks like I’ll be recabling the lab this weekend.

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Symantec Linux Backup Install

It’s frustrating when a vendor provides an install script that does not work. Especially when they take the time to print a bunch of fancy script across the screen about how it is working. For those out there this is … Continue reading

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Parsing Barracuda Log Files

We have a Barracuda web filter here at the Circus. In general we are pleased with its performance, however, as our internet usage has climbed the days of history has declined. The inverse relationship is due to a “ring buffer” … Continue reading

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