The Problem with 10-12 Hour Days

2009-12-14 18:30:29

No wonder Google has such “extravagant” benefits. When you spend _all_ day and most nights at work there is precious little time for incidentals. The barber doesn’t stay open late and neither does the dry cleaner. Thankfully the grocery is open at all hours, I got up at 5:10am this morning to go to the grocery. Went home to make lunch and dinner for the next five days, and froze it all. Then I bring them to work and eat them like frozen dinners.

Now I’m not complaining about making my own frozen dinners, it beats the alternatives, real frozen dinners or food from the cafeteria. What I’m really saying is that time management is a must-have skill when working long hours at a company not designed to accommodate it.

On my way home after another 11 hours to see my wife and daughter, they’ll put a smile on my face and remind me why I’m doing this.

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