Let This Be A Warning

The other day I was reading about the decline of Yahoo, let me tell why I think Yahoo is on the skids. Some of you may know that I fight email quite a bit. It takes up a good 10% of my work week. When it’s going well, there are no problems and it’s 0%, but when it isn’t, $%#$@^@#^. And I interface with Exchange quite a bit as we use AD for authentication and all managers/directors use Exchange for email and calendaring. It’s not like Microsoft wants to play nice with open source. (Side note: I just went to microsoft.com to see if they spell it MicroSoft or Microsoft.) You get the idea.

Today I was testing some email changes and wanted multiple recipients in my To: field, so I added my Yahoo email. I never use my Yahoo email account any more, the reason is that it is stuffed with spam. Yahoo doesn’t care, my guess is they are like HotMail, you want to bulk advertise that’s fine, just pay the fee. It drove me to GMail.

But this took the cake. Today I went to mail.yahoo.com to see what I got for testing and it didn’t even default to my Inbox any more. Are you kidding me? They sent me to some news story first and I had click on InBox? Hello… Where was the UI design person on that one?

If GMail goes the way of Yahoo mail I will leave them too. Let this be a warning.

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