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Troubleshooting Toolbox

Let me start by what this chapter does not include, a nice set of filters for common show commands that will help you find the most pertinent information quickly. I think every networker has some of their favorite commands such … Continue reading

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AT&T Disappoints Again

A friend of mine has a saying: “Some companies are so big they stay in business despite themselves.” My wife and I have the original iPhone and we are thinking about upgrading. I don’t really care anymore if we get … Continue reading

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Add SCSI Drives to Linux

First we should have an overview of the hardware on this server. There are two Perc controllers, a Perc5i and a Perc6i. The Perc5 has an MD1000 drive enclosure attached and the Perc6 has the internal drives attached. Perc6/i: OS … Continue reading

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I came across GNS3Vault by accident and thought I would pass it along. I’ve been doing these labs for fun at lunch or in the afternoon on a slow day and have been enjoying them. I’ve learned some new commands … Continue reading

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Even More TestLab Scripts

I doubt many home labs match hardware exactly with whatever the vendor has recommended. As a result most of us must script around or manually edit vendor configuration files. Here are some of my earlier scripts that I have shared … Continue reading

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