Backing up Lab Routers

I have put quite a bit of work into my lab routers and the configurations, enough that I have begun to worry about about how much work it would be to replace my current set up.

I have been backing up my primary server for the lab, but tonight I finally decided to back up the configurations on the routers.   Here are the commands I ran on the ten CSR 1000V routers that make up the backbone of my lab.

archive tar /create tftp:// flash:ipx
archive tar /create tftp:// flash:c360
archive tar /create tftp:// flash:ine

I then created a tar of all of the backups and put on my separate USB drive that I only plugin for backups. Yes I use Time Machine, but I also keep a backup of the most important files on a USB drive that is not plugged into my MAC. Paranoid maybe, but I sleep well at night.

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