Two Variables, One Line

This morning I could not for the life of me remember how to read two variables from one line in bash. As a result I am putting this simple script up here so that I have an easy place to reference.

The input file was a listing of printer IP addresses that are translated is in the file /tmp/printers.txt and looks like this.

cat /tmp/printers.txt = = =

Here is the simple code to read both variables.

# 2010-08-24 Jud Bishop
# Simple script to find names of local and remote printers
# that are translated.

while IFS== read remote local
name=`dig +short -x $local`
echo -e "$name,$remote,$local"
done < /tmp/printers.txt

But it came it out in this format, not much of a problem but I prefer it more legible., ,, ,, ,

So I cleaned up the output. The first sed stanza deletes the third “.” in the output and the second sed stanza deletes the spaces.

./ | sed 's/\.//3
s/\ //g',,,,,,

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