QoS Outline

2009-11-13 15:02:03
QoS Outline
The point of this post is to outline where I am headed in my studies. I have been reading three different books in regards to QoS and am starting to believe I have gotten off track on what I need to know for ONT. I’m not too worried about reading too much, but I am worried about retention and memorization for the test. So this post is an outline of what is covered in the ONT book, I will then backfill notes in different posts from all three books. My goal is to formalize my understanding of the topics and keep them in a logical order for when I go back through and start doing exam prep questions from the different books.

Chapter 2 — IP Quality of Service

QoS is affected by:

  • Bandwidth
  • Delay
  • Jitter
  • Packet Loss

QoS Models:

  • Best-Effort
  • IntServ
  • DiffServ

QoS Implementation:

  • Command Line
  • MQC — Cisco Recommended
  • AutoQoS
  • SDM QoS Wizard

Chapter 3 — Classification, Marking and NBAR

  • Classification
    • Header fields for marking
    • Done through something like an ACL
  • Marking
    • Setting fields in header
    • IP Header Fields
      • DSCP
      • Precedence
      • Lan CoS, 802.1Q ISL
  • NBAR
  • QOS Service Class
  • Trust Boundaries

Chapter 4 — Congestion Management and Queuing

  • FIFO
  • PQ
  • RR
  • WRR
  • WFQ
  • LLQ

Chapter 5 — Congestion Avoidance, Policing, Shaping and Link Efficiency Mechanisms

  • Congestion Avoidance
    • Tail Drop
    • RED
    • WRED
    • CBWRED
  • Traffic Shaping and Policing
    • Measuring Traffic Rates
  • Link Efficiency
    • L2 Compression
    • Header Compression
    • LFI

Chapter 6 — Implementing QoS Pre-Classify and Deploying End-to-End Qos

  • VPN
  • Pre-Classification
  • Deploying End-to-End

Chapter 7 — Implementing AutoQoS

  • Deploying AutoQoS
  • Verifying AutoQoS
  • Common AutoQoS problems
  • Interpreting and Modifying AutoQoS
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