For both of those people who read my blog regularly, hi Mom, I want to say that I have not really been slacking. I have been typing up flashcards for the iPhone. I downloaded a number of flashcard apps for the iPhone to figure out which one I liked and decided on Flashcards Deluxe. It has the most intuitive user interface and it allowed me to easily download my own flashcards without having to join some portal. Unfortunately it is not cheap, but I am willing to pay for a quality application.

This actually plays toward my longterm goal of trying for my CCIE. Greg Ferro over at Etherealmind had a post about how he uses MentalCase for his flash cards, but Mental Case did not fit my work flow. I made paper 3×5 cards for BSCI and BCMSN but wanted something that would work long term, and quite frankly 1,000 paper flashcards just doesn’t seem reasonable down the stretch. So this is my attempt to not have to redo flashcards in the future.

I have been reticent about posting these flashcards because they are taken straight from the book. I decided to share them because there is only six months left to take these tests and no one will care except those who have purchased the books and are getting ready for this version of the CCNP. If anyone from Cisco Press has a problem please contact me and I will remove them.

To add these flashcards to your phone, in Flashcards Deluxe choose to add a private deck, choose Deck Code and point it to https://chainringcircus.files.wordpress.com/ont-chx-description.csv then you can download the cards and study. If you prefer to try before you buy, Flashcards Deluxe Light is free but only allows four flashcards, in that case download test.csv.

I have not used all of the cards yet so there may be some formatting changes. I will post another entry any time I add new sets or make changes to the current sets.

Hope this helps and good luck studying.

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