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Last night I started working through the meat of the ONT lab work book and once again I am disappointed with a CCNP lab workbook. At this point my expectations should be sufficiently lowered that the workbooks should meet them, however, it seems I keep reaching new lows. Who knows, I guess a $50 lab book is just not enough money to expect quality labs. As a result I’m going to post the labs I have decided to write for myself. I posted my BSCI labs over at CLN but this time I’m going to post them on this blog. Hopefully this will help someone else, even though there is so little time left to take this test.

Let me explain the design of my topology. If you have the CCNP ONT Lab Portfolio then you will recognize most of this topology. I have added more choke points and changed the IP addressing scheme because it makes more sense to me.

R4 is the traffic generator and sends traffic to R1 over ethernet. This allows the largest pipe of traffic to be the generated traffic and means the first choke points are the serial interfaces out of R1. I will most often use the 800Kpbs lines to R2 because that provides me with a second choke point on R2, coming from the 800Kbps serial lines to 128Kbps serial lines. That gives me more chances to play with different queuing techniques and classification structures.

Here are the diagrams of what I am using for the lab.


Below is the serial wiring diagram.


The server at is running a webserver, tftp server, sshd, telnetd and iperf on port 9100 to emulate an HPJD printer.

The path for most queries will be R4->R1->R2->R3-> It will be done with both the traffic generator and from the command line on the routers.

Lab 1 — NBAR
Lab 2 — FIFO and WFQ on serial links
Lab 3 — Priority Queuing
Lab 4 — Round Robin
Lab 5 — Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ)
LAB 6 — Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ)
Lab 7 — Low-Latency Queuing (LLQ)

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