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Linux NAT with a Web Interface

In 2006 I wrote a web interface for Linux NAT tables. It was not pretty, but it moved NAT from the core routers or firewalls onto a server that the PC Techs could manage. The goal was to push management … Continue reading

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Troubleshoot MPLS Connectivity

Step 1 — IGP for MPLS cloud Verification – You are on your own. (YOYO) Step 2 — LDP Adjacencies Pro Tip – Add the CE network to advertisements so that you don’t have to ping from some specific loopback … Continue reading

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Enable Virtualization within a VM

So much of my lab is virtualized that I am continuously tweaking the networking and settings within VMware.  Most of the lab runs on VMware 5.5 so there are some manual tweaks that I have to do that are done … Continue reading

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Finished 2010

I just finished adding the posts form 2010 with a smattering of other random posts. I am tired of the repetitive nature of adding posts and am going to get in some studying today.

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iTerm2 with VIRL

Yesterday my boss purchased VIRL for me. I run it on one of my ESXi servers and wanted to be able to maintain the environment I have gotten used to running, namely tabbed terminals in iTerm2. Easier said than done. … Continue reading

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C360 or Cisco Expert-Level Training Script

  I’ve been using the C360 labs for training and have gotten tired of fighting with window management. At first I figured it would be good practice for the lab, but now I’m just tired of messing with windows, so … Continue reading

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Finished 2009

I finished adding the posts from 2009, will start on 2010 soon.

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