CBWFQ Labgeneric-lab

You can download the initial configuration files here.

To prepare for this lab only turn on one 800K link between R1 and R2, and the link between R4 and R1 for traffic generation. If you want traffic to make it around the lab then configure to your hearts content.

On R1:

  • Create access lists web, control and print.
  • Create class maps web, control and print.
  • Put http, ftp, pop3 and smtp in the web class map.
  • Put ntp, ssh, telnet and x11 in control.
  • Put 9100 in print..
  • Create the policy map cbwfq and give these bandwidth percentages; web: 30%, control: 20%, print: 10%.
  • Apply the configuration to S0/0.
  • Confirm the configuration and debug it.

Here are the protocols for which traffic is generated from our traffic generation configuration file:

for I in `grep dest-port r4-basic-tgn.cfg | cut -d\ -f 3`; do grep [[:space:]]$I/tcp /etc/services; done
telnet 23/tcp
http 80/tcp
ftp 21/tcp
ntp 123/tcp
pop3 110/tcp
smtp 25/tcp
ssh 22/tcp
x11 6000/tcp
jetdirect 9100/tcp

Answer is below:

R1 Configuration for CBWFQ:

! CEF must be turned on.
ip cef
! 1. Create the access-list.
ip access-list extended control
permit tcp any any eq 123
permit tcp any any eq telnet
permit tcp any any eq 22
permit tcp any any eq 6000
ip access-list extended print
permit tcp any any eq 9100
ip access-list extended web
permit tcp any any eq www
permit tcp any any eq ftp
permit tcp any any eq pop3
permit tcp any any eq smtp
! 2. Create the class-map.
class-map match-any control
match access-group name control
class-map match-any web
match access-group name web
class-map match-any print
match access-group name print
! 3. Create the policy-map.
policy-map cbwfq
class web
bandwidth percent 30
class control
bandwidth percent 20
class print
bandwidth percent 10
class class-default
! 4. Apply it to the interface.
interface Serial0/0
bandwidth 800
ip address
service-policy output cbwfq

Confirm the configuration:

sh int s0/0
sh queueing
sh policy-map int s0/0
sh poicy-map int s0/0 output class control

Debug the configuration:

debug priority


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